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Indoor Plant For Bedrooms And Living Room For Air purification

Today I will tell about indoor plants and specially bedroom plants. The first question is why we choose Indoor Plant For Bedrooms And Living Room For Air purification? Because they are air purifier they give oxygen and freshens atmosphere, give positive vibes and let you sleep well and feel relaxed and happy. There is a large variety of such plants but I am having 9 types of plants at present which you can keep them indoors for clean air so lets talk about Best indoor plants for clean air

Indoor Plant For Bedrooms And Living Room For Air purification

Indoor Plant For Bedrooms And Living Room For Air purification

CHINESE EVERGREEN – They are beautiful, low maintenance and succulent in nature they don’t require extra fertilize. Water them only when you notice the top layer of soil is dry this plant is called Chinese Evergreen. Leaves are the main attraction of this plant. It is variegated and found in lots of species. You can keep in bedroom or living room as per your wish

Indoor Plant For Bedrooms And Living Room For Air purification

SPIDER PLANT – It looks good if grown in hanging basket. It requires less water. We can decorate it as center piece, or on side table, or in bathroom or in form of hanging basket. Even we can hang it in balcony.

Indoor Plant For Bedrooms And Living Room For Air purification

ALOE VERA – Its a great air purifier. It has medicinal value. It improves hair growth and give glow to skin. We can make homemade aloevera gel from this plant. Even we can eat its gel as it has curing properties. It is also a succulent plant, needs less water leaves are fleshy.

DRAWF SNAKE – it grows in shape of bunch leaves are divergent you can seperate these plants and grow in different planters and those planters would get bushy in few weeks its an air purifier and looks amazing as a decoration piece this is money plant quite common plant, many people know about it plant it in a nice planter with a mini moss stick keep it in living room or kitchen or window side

SONG OF INDIA- Song Of India acts as air purifier. It has great color combinations. We can keep it in bedroom, balcony or hall. It is an indoor as well as outdoor plant. They need less water. They are least maintenance plants very easy to flourish. We can make new planters by planting its cutting there propagation is simple in the monsoon season.

VARIEGATED FICUS- The leaves of variegated ficus are unique and colors are distinguished. Its an air purifier great for home decor plant. Protect it from direct sunlight if they stay in sun for long the leaves will start burning . So keep it in shade or indirect sunlight. Can be placed in bedroom.

SINGONIUM- Singonium leaves are amazing, the shape is unique. Its a low maintenance plant needs less water. Looks really beautiful when kept in living room. You can keep it bushy or you can make a climber by giving it support through a moss stick. Third way is hanging basket in balcony . It will give a new look. Keep plant in shade as direct sunlight hampers its growth. It an air purifier and master piece for decor. It lets you sleep better.

SNAKE PLANT snake plant also called as Mother In Laws Tongue . It is distinctive and variegated with exceptional colors. It needs no special care simply plant in soil. It is a desert plant requires less water. This plant is marvelous keep it in bedroom it purifies air and let you sleep well.

So friends we normally have these plants. Plant lover do have such collection but friends, we sometimes do not know there importance thats why today i wanted to share these facts with you. These plants are very useful, you can keep them in bedroom they will purify air gives you ample oxygen feel free to keep them in bedroom, hall, kitchen and whenever you see them, feel the joy everybody like greenery even my favorite color is green so i definitely recommend these plants I have kept them in my bedroom. If you place them in indoors make sure to bring them outdoors for a while so that they get fresh air and sunlight but remember if they are outdoors, save them from direct sunlight bring them out in evening hours. Drastic atmosphere change may harm them. Hope you will care for these plants and keep them indoors and decorate your house with them. Your bedroom will look fresh and positive with plants they will give oxygen you will see that they help in better sleep they give you positive vibes, fresh air and sound sleep as they are now your friends

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