Indian Substitute Of Tiktok

With the growing tensions between India and China Indian government had decided to ban fifty two apps. Tiktok is one of them. Tiktok is very popular in India. But we are having Indian substitute of tiktok ie. chingari

Chingari app is similar to Chinese app. It is It has become very popular within few weeks estimated downloading of this app is 2.5 million. Indian are boycotting Chinese apps and products as all are on the slogan Be Indian have Indian buy Indian.

Indian Substitute Of Tiktok
Indian Substitute Of Tiktok

What is Chingari app ?

It is a short video sharing platform. With this you can upload and download videos and even you can chat audio video clips, GIF etc. Insipte of English this app supports 9 Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, gujarati, marathi, Kanad, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and telgu.

How to download this application

Like all other app this is very simple to download. It is available for both androids and ios based gadgets. It is free on both the stores. You can download from play store or app store very easily.

Steps for downloading

  • open Google play store or app store
  • Search for chingari app
  • Select it
  • Press the install button
  • After few minutes it is ready to use.

This app has many features like trending and entertainment news, funny and songs videos , wishes to loved ones, love and birthday quotes etc.


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