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Immunity Boosting Detox Water

Now a days detox water are taken by most of us. Everyone wants to build their immunity and detoxify so we are here with very easy and simple immunity boosting detox water recipe. Now the first question is

What is immunity?

Immunity is body’s own defence mechanism to fight any infections. If our immunity is strong then we can fight against many viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic diseases.

Immunity Boosting Detox Water

Immunity Boosting Detox Water


  • jar with 700ml water
  • 6 strawberries –
  • 1 kiwi
  • ½ cucumber
  • Water


  • chop the strawberries
  • Slice the kiwi and cucumber
  • Put all the ingredients in the jar
  • fill the jar with water
  • Keep it aside for 1 hour

Now it is ready to have


You can also chill it. When to keep aside keep it in refrigerator.


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