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If your hair is curly, dry and frizzy then don’t make these 7 mistakes

If your hair is curly, dry and frizzy then don’t make these 7 mistakes you must follow these tips listed below.

People with curly and dry hair have this problem that they need to pay more attention to their hair. People with straight hair may not take much care even if their hair does not look bad, but people with curly hair are sure to have a ‘Bad Hair Day’ if they do not take care. Curly hair needs the right kind of nutrition and hydration to make it look beautiful. But many times we make many such mistakes in our hair care routine, due to which the hair starts looking worse.

Regarding hair, it has to be taken care that their dryness, frizziness, breakage problem etc. should be understood and accordingly the hair care routine should be followed. In such a situation, even some small mistakes can be very heavy.

If your hair is curly, dry and frizzy then don’t make these 7 mistakes

1. Not having a proper cleaning routine

While shampooing curly hair, you need to keep in mind that too little shampoo and too much shampoo can prove to be bad. Curly hair cannot be shampooed every day like straight hair, this will strip it of its natural oils and moisture. This can make your hair very dry and feel more frizzy. Also, don’t shampoo your curly hair too little as dirt and dust gets trapped in it.

Do not wash your curly hair less than three times a week or more than that, and during your cleaning routine, make sure to wash it after using the right kind of hydrating shampoo.

dry and frizzy hair care solutions

2. Not using conditioner

Not using conditioner can prove to be the biggest mistake for people with curly and textured hair. This will keep their hair dull, dry and frizzy. It is very important that you use conditioner every time you wash your hair . Using a creamy and hydrating conditioner is a must. Those with curly hair should use cream based conditioner, not water based. Along with this, take care of hydration as well. It would be wrong to carry the hair too rough or to comb it frequently.

3. Not using leave-in conditioner

If you have very curly hair, then it is important that you condition your curly hair properly after taking a shower. Sometimes a conditioner along with shampoo is not enough, but for long lasting hydration, it is important that you use leave-in conditioner as well. It doesn’t have to be too much as it can make your hair sticky, but you can use leave-in conditioner to protect the curls and make them bouncy. It will also protect from pollution, UV rays, humidity.

4. Not detangling the hair properly

You should use a soft, coarse-toothed comb for curly or textured hair. Dry combing curly hair ruins the curl pattern and hence should be handled with utmost care. If you try to solve the hair even after it is dry, then it will not be good for the hair. This will make the hair more weak and also frizzy.

The best way to detangle curly hair is to detangle them while you shower, when conditioner has been applied. In such times it is very important to have a soft and wide toothed comb.

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5. Using products containing sulfates and silicones

People with curly hair do not need to use shampoo with a lot of lather. Too much lather can feel nice and satisfying when shampooing, but it tends to dry out the hair even more. The sulfate present in the shampoo creates a lot of lather and hence it also dehydrates the hair. This makes hair more frizzy.

When it comes to curly hair, try moisture-based hair washes that will clean your hair with ease and provide nourishment. Silicones, sulfates, parabens can be some of the most dangerous chemicals for people with curly hair.

6. Following the Wrong Blow-Dry Technique

Air dry is the best to dry hair. When you consider blow drying, keep in mind that hot air dries out curly hair and strips away moisture and natural oils. This makes the hair worse.

You can use a diffuser with your dryer when blow drying is a must, but keep in mind that drying your hair too much won’t do well and will ruin your curls.

7. Not Protecting Hair While Sleeping

Your hair is curly and already damaged. They can also get damaged while sleeping and if you use cotton cloth as your bedsheet or pillow cover then it can make your hair more rough and dry. To prevent this, you can tie a silk or satin scarf or cap on your head or you can go for silk pillow covers. This eliminates the friction between the hair and the fabric and it gives a better look to your hair.

Curly hair needs more care and attention and hence it is better not to repeat the above mentioned mistakes to make your hair shiny, smooth and bouncy. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay connected with Harzindagi to read more such stories.


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