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How to take care of dengue patient at home? 

How to take care of dengue patient at home? Know the necessary precautions to keep in mind while taking care.

How to take care of dengue patient at home? 

Dengue is a type of virus, which is spread through the bite of the Aedes mosquito. To take care of the patient in case of dengue, follow the tips given below. 

In case of dengue, special care of the patient is required. In the first week after dengue infection, the dengue virus is present in the patient’s blood. If a mosquito has bitten a dengue patient, then the risk of spreading dengue to other people will also increase through it. Keeping this in mind, you have to take special care of the cleanliness of the patient. During this, advise the patient to wear full sleeve clothes. Dengue is a serious infection that can be fatal. If there is a dengue patient in your house, then follow the below mentioned tips to take care of him.

dengue home care tips

How to take care of dengue patient at home? 

1. Close the entry of mosquitoes in the house 

  • If there is a dengue patient in the house, then stop the entry of mosquitoes in the house to save him and other members of the house from dengue.
  • Keep all windows and doors of the house closed so that mosquitoes that spread dengue cannot enter.
  • If someone in your house is sick or is suffering from dengue, then let them rest.

2. There is no dehydration in dengue 

  • If someone in the house has got dengue, then make him drink enough water.
  • It is not good to see the symptoms of dehydration in dengue. This can worsen the health.
  • In dengue, symptoms like fever and vomiting are seen in the body. Due to these symptoms, there may be a lack of fluid in the body.
  • Coconut water, lemonade, vegetable juice can be given to the patient along with water.

3. What to do in case of fever? 

  • If there is a member in the house, who is suffering from fever, then do not give him any kind of medicine without the advice of the doctor. 
  • If the fever persists, you can sponge the patient’s body with cold water.
  • Paracetamol can be given to the patient once every six hours in case of fever.
  • In case of high fever, do not give more than 4 paracetamols to the patient in a day.   

4. Be careful even after the fever subsides 

  • If someone in the house has dengue and fever has subsided, then be extra careful.
  • In many people, the critical stage begins after the fever subsides. 
  • If there is severe pain in the stomach, rash, difficulty in breathing, then consult a doctor immediately.

5. Understand Emergency Situations

  • In case of vomiting more than 3 times in 24 hours, take the patient to the doctor immediately.
  • Look for bleeding from the nose or gums. This is a situation of emergency. 
  • Symptoms such as vomiting or blood in the stool, cooling of the skin, etc. are also serious.  

6. How to give food to dengue patient?   

  • Avoid giving high fat foods and cold food to the dengue patient.
  • Feed fresh home cooked food to dengue patient.
  • Liquids like soup, juice can be given.
  • Do not give fried or highly spiced food to dengue patient.  

The worst effect of dengue is on platelets. In this disease platelets start decreasing. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips, the patient’s recovery can be quick

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