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How To Stay Healthy In Summer, Eat Dry Fruits Like This

To stay healthy in summer, eat dry fruits like this

If you want to include dry fruits in the diet during the summer season, then you can try these methods

The summer season has arrived and in such a season we all like to eat something that gives us coolness from within. Generally, it is advised to eat more watery and cold tastier cheeses during this season. Perhaps this is the reason why people avoid eating dry fruits during this season. Actually, the effect of dry fruits is hot and hence it is believed that if dry fruits are consumed in the summer season then it can cause many problems.

However, this happens only if you consume them in excess and in the wrong way. Actually, by consuming dry fruits, the body gets many minerals and other nutrients and hence they should be consumed in every season. However, when consuming dry fruits during the summer, the way of eating them changes. So today in this article, I will be telling you about many different ways How To Stay Healthy In Summer, Eat Dry Fruits Like This

Eat soaked dry fruits

It is considered the best way to eat dry fruits during summers. For this, soak dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, raisins etc. in water for overnight. You eat them the next morning. Do not peel off the skins of almonds etc. while eating them. When you eat dry fruits after soaking, then the heat of dry fruits gets released in the water. Not only this, eating these dry fruits soaked in water also makes it easier for the body to digest them.

Mix with milk

If you want to eat dry fruits in a very delicious way, then you can chop them well and then eat them by mixing them in kheer, ice cream or custard. Since you are eating them by mixing them with cold things, due to which the consumption of dry fruits does not harm you. Apart from this, if you are consuming it with milk, which is alkaline in nature, then it balances the effect of dry fruits to a great extent.

Eat chia seeds

right way of eating dry fruits in summer inside

Chia seeds have a very cooling effect and hence they are considered very good to eat during the summer days. All you have to do for its consumption is that you soak a spoonful of chia seeds in water for a while. Now you can consume them by mixing them in pudding, falooda, ice cream, sherbet or homemade juices.

Eat watermelon seeds

In summer, if you want to eat such dry fruits which do not harm the body, then you should consume watermelon seeds. It is considered good to consume watermelon in this season. But its seeds can also be eaten like this. You will also find these in the market, while you can eat their seeds by taking out their seeds at home too.

Eat dates like this

right way of eating dry fruits in summer inside

The pulp of the date can be extracted and used as a sweetener. It has a good amount of iron and potassium. You can make and eat date kheer. Apart from this, you can eat one or two kheer in a day like this.

Eat figs like this

If you want to make figs a part of your diet during the summer, then it can be eaten as ice cream. Nowadays there are many parlors which serve fresh fig ice cream. You can eat it over there or it can be made at home too.

How much dry fruits should be taken

It is true that dry fruits have health benefits, but only when you consume them in limited quantities. Generally, eating ten grams or a handful of dry fruits in a day is enough during summers. Avoid eating more dry fruits than this.


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