How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

Caring is shared!

Friendships don’t come with how-to manuals or DIY projects on how to be a good friend.

On your quest to learn how to be a good friend, you rely on your instincts and examples from friends all around you half of the time to figure out what to do and what not to do.

It’s natural to want to experience the thrill, excitement, and pleasure that comes with having wonderful friends.

Still, if you want your friendships to continue longer than that, you should put in the effort to discover how to make them work.

Friendship takes more effort to maintain, yet few people understand why most friendships do not last. Intentions, dedication, and a variety of other key traits are required to make your friendship succeed.

being an excellent friend

As a result, if you discover that you have a lot of failed friendships, you should learn how to be a better friend. Yes! It’s past time for you to pause, unlearn, and relearn what it means to be a good friend.

How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

Here are 15 different approaches to help you see How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

  1. Improve Your Listening Skills Tips on how to be a good friend

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Listen more, say less.” It may sound cliched, but if you want to know how to be a good friend, you must first learn to listen.

Even if your pals aren’t expressing anything significant, pay attention to what they have to say.

You don’t want to have protracted chats in which you both say and hear everything but miss the undertones and unspoken stuff.

Most people appreciate it when someone takes the time to listen to them. When you can simply give your pals what everyone wants: your listening ear, you’ll make a good buddy.

Listen intently, as if every word that comes from your friends’ mouths is treasure. You’ll be able to tell how they’re feeling based on their speech intonations and body language over time.

  1. Be Sincere And Honest

No one, and I mean no one, enjoys holding court with liars. And no decent friend, for whatever cause, lies to their buddies.

Of course, some say that deception is occasionally important to maintain friendly connections.

Unfortunately, this attitude is most likely one of the reasons we live in such an unequal society. Falsehoods sever any relationship’s connections. Whether it is required or not.

Lies have only one goal: to deceive. And this isn’t one of them if you’re seeking for advice on how to be a good friend. Being a good friend means sharing both easy and difficult, terrible truths with your pals.

Honesty is a cornerstone of trust. You can be sure of one thing when your friend realises you are sincere: you have their complete trust.

  1. Be Nonjudgmental And Open-Minded Tips on how to be a good friend
    If you want to be a good friend, you must avoid making snap decisions, jumping to conclusions, and making uninformed critiques.

You learn more about your pals the closer you get to them. With this information comes the responsibility of making educated judgments and decisions about the characters on display.

You can’t help but draw fast judgements when some people turn out to be astoundingly obnoxious. Regrettably, it is an unavoidable aspect of being human.

However, if you want to be a good friend, you’ll have to learn to stretch your mind’s tolerance for certain things.

You may come across ideas and theories that contradict your views, and keeping an open mind is essential in this situation.

Put yourself in a dozen distinct pairs of shoes. You don’t have to perceive things from your point of view all of the time.

A narrative can be told from a hundred various perspectives, and you must keep your mind open to all of them.

How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend
  1. Be Kind And Compassionate

You’d love it if you had someone who could understand all of your ups and downs and sympathise with you when you’re down—and doing it truly is how to be a good friend.

Compassion is not expressed in words, but rather in the strength of character that enables someone to overcome adversity.

If you can exhibit compassion and kindness on a larger scale to your friends, you become more than just a wonderful friend; you become a gift to them.

A good person is someone who is sympathetic and caring. You become a good buddy when you adopt the same characteristic toward your buddies.

  1. Motivate And Assist Them
    Giving in to primal inclinations and playing the ‘focused on me’ card is simple. It’s also really easy to only show up as a buddy on good days. That, however, is not what a good friend would do.

You are your friend’s first line of defence. This means you’ll alternate between providing encouragement and emotional support when needed, assisting them in becoming the best version of themselves, and defending them against the outside world’s attacks.

Recognize that you and your buddies are up against the entire universe. When your consent isn’t enough, provide your support and encouragement as often as you can.

6. Tips on how to be a good friend: Keep Their Secrets

Secrets communicated among friends or between you and a friend should never be spoken aloud.

So, when you hear absurd bits of truth from your friends, resist the impulse to develop a loose tongue.

The Achilles heel of a person is their secret. Their stumbling block. Completely safeguard your friend’s secrets. Understanding that the secret you carry is more than a secret is also proof of trust. It is a trusting relationship.

  1. Respect Their Personal Space And Boundaries
    The preceding remark simply states that no matter how close you are to your friend(s), you must maintain boundaries.
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

Crossing lines should be avoided at all costs. To avoid pressing their buttons, know how far you can go and how much they can take.

Boundaries must be respected. Regardless of how familiar you are with each other, avoid character devaluation. Your buddies are likely to have days when they would prefer to be alone. That is something to be respected.

Invading their personal space because you think you’re close to them is a bad idea.

  1. Demonstrate to them how important they are to you.

People make the error of underestimating other people’s affections at various times in their lives. Unfortunately, some people make the error of storing their affections until death arrives.

When it comes to your friend, however, you don’t want to wait until death comes knocking before telling them how valuable they are.

If you want to be a good friend, you should follow the above idea. Show your pals that you care about them, either by word of mouth or by how you treat them.

When you’re with each other, put away your digital devices — save your phones and computers for later. Give your pal your whole attention (s).

And, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, tell your friend(s) how much you value them in clear words.

  1. Forgive them if they cause you pain.
    It’s difficult to let go when your friends harm you and learn to forgive them, but it’s a sign of maturity.

When your friends harm you, it demonstrates that they are also human.

Forgiving your friends when they harm you is a fantastic example of a good school buddy.

Letting go demonstrates that you want your friendships to last and that you are mature enough to set wounds aside and focus on what actually matters: assisting yourself through the ups and downs of life.

  1. Tolerate Their Misbehavior

Your pals would always have defects in their personalities. These flaws would grate on your nerves and leave you irritated for the rest of the day. However, this does not have to be the case.

Character faults are difficult to fix, just as a leopard’s skin cannot be changed. Nonetheless, they are part of the deal you agreed to when you became friends.

Accepting your friends, accepting them, and correcting them when defects emerge is how to be a good friend.

When you accept your friends without judgement or hatred, they eventually become devoted to you since you don’t hold them accountable for their flaws. Instead, you concentrate on their positive qualities.

  1. Spend a lot of time together
    Would you like to be a nice friend? Begin by becoming a great companion for your pals! Call them frequently and offer to hang out to arrange ‘dates,’ picnics, or pay them a visit. Spend time with your pals.
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

You become a part of their life, and they, in turn, plan their lives around you. Spend time with those pals that are important to you. Don’t be biassed in their favour. Instead, make time to get out with your friends and family.

  1. Reach Out to Them and Tell Them What Makes A Good Friend
    Reach out to your pals as much as you can since they may be psychologically and physically stable. You are not required to speak about anything.

Send text messages or make phone calls to check on your friend’s well-being. Every time you reach out to a buddy, you demonstrate that you care about them.

Your pals sense your love based on how frequently you contact them to inquire about their mental or physical well-being.

  1. Learn Everything You Can About Them
    Spend time getting to know your friends, their likes and dislikes, medical histories, and future goals.
How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

Pose inquiries. Visit their parents and siblings’ homes and get to know them. Inquire about their interests and what they wish they could do.

Find out what their concerns are and what keeps them awake at night. Learn everything you can about them. Knowledge is both a source of prosperity and power.

It’ll come in handy someday, and you’ll be glad you took the time to get to know your pals. On the plus side, you learn what your pals are capable of.

When you understand your friends’ moral and ethical tendencies, you may readily defend them.

  1. Avoid gossiping about them or saying hurtful things about them.

One approach to be a good friend is to refrain from speaking hurtful things even when your friends are wrong. Avoid gossip circles that pass judgement on your pals based on previous misdeeds.

If you’re upset about anything your pals did, the best thing to do is bring it up with them and express your displeasure.

Small, petty conversations behind their backs diminish your maturity. It degrades you to the level of a bad friend. When you’re upset or furious, it’s natural to want to say hurtful things.

But, since you’re learning how to be a good friend, you should do what a good friend would do: walk away and return to the subject when you’re in a better frame of mind.

  1. Express regret When You Make a Mistake
    You’re not a flawless knight with no blemishes or blemishes. You are a human being who is prone to making catastrophic blunders. Accept this and learn to immediately give apologies when appropriate.

Your apologies avoids awkward circumstances in which you both struggle to relate. All of this may appear to be a lot, and it may also appear to be something that would take years to do.

And this is due to the fact that being a good friend is not a full-time job. It would take years. Yes, it would take you years of being constantly there for your friends and everything else.

How Can A Man Be An Excellent Friend To A Woman?

The majority of the advice given here is primarily applicable to same-gender couples.

The majority of the advice given here is primarily applicable to same-gender friendships. However, platonic relationships with the other gender can be incredibly difficult.

It can sometimes end disastrously owing to an overstep, an oversight, or anything that isn’t wholly harmful to friendships but can severely ruin platonic relationships with the opposite gender.

Do you want to know how to be a good friend to a woman? Here are five ideas to help you be a better friend to your female friends:

  1. Understand Your Role
    It is easy to overstep your boundaries in relationships with people of the opposing gender. You’re dealing with a lady this time, and you’re probably not sure what to do or how to do it.

It’s also quite simple to misinterpret your female friends’ affectionate acts as romance signals or ‘green lights.’
Most men find it quite difficult to consider themselves as merely a friend to a lady.

There’s always the internal urge to be more than just a friend. More often than not, that pressure becomes a stumbling block in your friendships with people of the opposite sex.

If you want to learn how to be a good friend, prepare your mind for the demands of maintaining your friendship. Recognize your place. Know that you are nothing more than a friend.

That is just as important as any other relationship in the world and should be treasured.

  1. Recognize Her Behaviour And Characteristics What Makes A Good Friend
    Examine her personality. Recognize her behavioural tendencies. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to what she does and why she does it, as well as her likes and dislikes.

Every individual has characteristics that are unique to them. This personality is crucial in relating to someone, reacting to particular things they do or say, knowing when to push talks and when to pull away.

You want to be a good buddy, so you must stay alert. She is perceptive enough to notice the quirks in her personality and act on that knowledge.

  1. Pay Attention When She Speaks
    Listening is without a doubt one of the best and simplest ways to be a good friend. One of the most appreciated forms of care is a listening ear.

This is due to the fact that lending a listening ear is based on mutual comfort, as you become too important to let go. When she speaks to you, she inadvertently assesses your attention span to determine how well you listen to her.

In platonic relationships, a listening ear is like a valuable stone — it is difficult to come by. As a result of the foregoing, you become an asset, a valued friend.

Pay close attention and recall little nuances regarding what she says during the conversation.

  1. Make a Moderate Effort to Reach Out

One of the reasons people in platonic relationships end up with issues is because they are always communicating with no set boundaries.

You don’t want to carry around feelings that will end or complicate your friendships with your female pals.

Learn to reach out no more than four times per week. If you flood her call logs with your calls, she may misinterpret your intentions – especially if she is sensitive or suspicious by nature.

If she misinterprets your choices, she may psychologically lump you in with the group of males trying so hard to be laid.

Your intention is to be a buddy. It would help if you acted like a friend, free of the pretences that are frequent in romantic relationships.

Moderately extend your hand. When your call frequency is irregular, she’ll understand you’re only trying to be a good friend to her, but every time you call, you’re concerned about her well-being.

When she knows you have good intentions, the relationship always improves.

  1. Feel at ease around her.

It’s natural to forget how to converse and express yourself when you’re in the presence of a stunning woman. But this girl is a friend of yours.

If you want to be a good friend, you need to relax and stop making distinctions between her and your male pals. Act as if you were with your guy buddies.

Please learn to pepper your interactions with an even number of amusing statements, moods, jokes, and, of course, deep statements.

Be true to yourself. You shouldn’t hold in a burp just because you’re with a girl. Let let all hang out. Speak to her in broken language.

How Can A Woman Be A Good Friend To A Man?

How To Make An Unbreakable Bond With A Friend

On the other hand, it almost never works the other way around. In this situation, what’s good for the gender isn’t necessarily good for the goose.

To make it a two-way street, here are some pointers on how to be a good friend to a guy.

  1. Make Him a Friend
    The first step in being a good friend to a guy is to be a friend in the first place. Recognize that he is not a means to an end. He isn’t a cog in your wheel or a variable in your larger scheme.

He’s human, and more importantly, he’s your buddy. So, be a true friend and start caring about him in the way that a friend should.

  1. Don’t Give Him Any Suggestions

He is your pal. As a result, it is important to avoid difficulties as much as possible.

Please resist the temptation to flirt with him. Resist the impulse to give him a “green light” only for the sake of seeing how he reacts.

Instead, make that a line in your friendship that you will not cross. You don’t want to be in a situation where he gets the incorrect notion and approaches you, just to learn you were just having fun at his expense. It could turn out to be a shambles.

  1. Stop romanticising him.
    A principle like the one stated above works in both directions. Your friend is more than the image you have of him in your mind, the persona you see when you think of him.

Recognize that he is more than just “that guy in your head.” Underneath the façade he shows to the world is a vast and misunderstood interior.

To be a good friend to a guy, you must first comprehend his interior and learn to relate to him on a much deeper level, which will make him regard you as a friend.

  1. Be available to him.

It is tough for men to express their pain. Instead, they’d go through it alone since society exhorts them to “be a man!” ‘Men, man up!’ and they pay attention.

You can be a good friend if you reach out to him with the awareness that he is already under a lot of pressure from life and society.

Reaching out establishes you as a buddy he will not soon forget. There are numerous recommendations on how to be a good friend, yet it often appears to be a difficult chore. But keep in mind that the end result will be worth it.


Here’s one more tip that I didn’t include in the others. Working on your own life is one approach to become a good friend. You can only help your pals to the best of your ability.

If you are successful, your friends have a better chance of becoming successful as well. Nonetheless, choose to be a better friend to be a better person!

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