How To Look Tall In Saree Without Wearing Heels

How To Look Tall In Saree Without Wearing Heels

It is difficult to wear a saree and on top of it wearing heels can be an even bigger task, therefore here are some ways to look tall in a saree without heels.

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If you want to look classy, then there is nothing better than draping yourself in six yards of elegance. A saree makes you look gorgeous and you can never go wrong with this outfit. To add to the beauty of the saree, you can wear heels but if you are not comfortable wearing heels, then you can skip them.

If you are skipping heels, then a problem arises. You will look short which can destroy your whole look. Fret not because we are here to tell you how to look tall in a saree without wearing heels.

Avoid Broad Borders

A saree with a heavy and broad border should never be your choice if you want to look short and slim. It makes you look shorter than you actually are. This is because the broad border will make the saree look shorter than it actually is.

Choose light and small borders if you want to look tall. These borders make the saree look taller. Therefore, always go for taller borders instead of small borders. This will give an illusion of a tall height.

Choose The Right Fabric

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The choice of your fabric matters a lot when it comes to looking taller. If you go for a lighter fabric, then it will make you look taller than you actually are. However, if you go for fabrics that are heavy or thick, then it will make you look shorter.

Cotton is surely soft but it is bulky, therefore, it is a bad choice. Fo for fabrics such as silk and chiffon that can be easily wrapped around your waist. This not only makes you look slim but is also easier to drape.

Large Prints Are A Big No

Sarees come in different styles and designs. Some sarees are plain and some have prints. The prints can be large or small but you should go for smaller prints if you want to look tall. Larger prints will draw attention to your frame which will again make you look shorter.

Getting a saree in a small print will give you an illusion of a lengthening effect, thus making you look taller. Also, they give you a leaner appearance.

Opt For Vertical Lines

We have already talked about the prints, so let’s talk a bit more about it. You should go for vertical lines and horizontal lines should be avoided. Horizontal stripes make you look slim but they make you look short. Therefore, you should avoid horizontal stripes in order to look tall.

Dark Colours Are Better

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We already know that dark colours make us slim but do you know that they are also effective if you are trying to look tall. Light colours will make you look heavy and bulky, thus making you look short. Go for colours like black, dark blue, indigo and more. Also, dark colours look classy and are perfect for every occasion.

Style Is The Queen Of Your Attire

The most important thing is how you style your saree. The way you style makes all the difference. Choosing the right style can make you look tall and flatter your figure. If you are trying to look short, then you should try the ulta pallu draping style.

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