How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home

How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home

How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home
How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home

First and foremost, if you’re reading this and have no idea what chakras are, let me explain.

Chakras are circulating, concentrated energy centres that are a component of your energy body. The energy body is the energetic part of our existence – the sum of energy that makes up our physical and spiritual existences.

Chakras are organs of our energy that help govern, regulate, and inform the energy of your spiritual body, physical body, and energy body.

I like to think of the energy body as the centre of our experience, with our chakras (energy centres) receiving feedback from our physical and spiritual bodies, which contributes to what’s going on with them.

When you cleanse your chakras, you’re essentially releasing stagnant energy that has become trapped there due to a blockage, something going on in your emotional or spiritual life, or something going on in your physical life.

It’s similar to getting your energy body’s oil changed – flushing things out to help you function more optimally in all ways.

Because our energy body is linked to our physical and spiritual/emotional bodies, maintaining wellness in the energy body is critical to our overall well-being.

After all, what we experience emot⁸ionally and energetically can frequently manifest physically, and maintaining energetic hygiene is just as important as maintaining physical hygiene!

How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home
How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home

Clearing your chakras is similar to taking a shower or flushing your energy body. It’s great to do on a regular basis; you can do it once a week or nightly if you prefer.

The good news is that you can do it on your own. Everyone has their own rituals, some of which are quite complex, and this is one that I frequently teach beginners.

How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home

Ground yourself first.

All intuitive practises begin with the crucial first step of grounding yourself. Find out here how to ground. This step is crucial because you will use the earth energy that you draw up during the grounding meditation to flow through each of your chakras.

Next, open the chakras.

Open each chakra individually after completing the grounding meditation, beginning with the root chakra. All you need to do to accomplish this is to visualise each one opening. For each of the seven chakras, I designate a coloured rosebud that matches the colour of the chakra and visualise it blooming. I’m done now.

Root Chakra – Red – Located at the tailbone area

Sacral Chakra – Orange – Located in the pelvis/lower abdomen

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Belly

Heart Chakra – Green – Heart/Chest

Throat Chakra – Blue – Throat up to Nose/Ears

Third Eye Chakra – Purple – Center of the forehead, between eyebrows and eyes

Crown Chakra – White – Top of head

How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home
How to Cleanse Your Chakras at Home

Imagine a red rose bud at the base of your spine, starting at the root chakra, and then visualise it blooming fully. When a chakra is fully open, you can move on to the next one by visualising each coloured rosebud opening one by one all the way up to the crown until it is fully bloomed. Some people favour coloured doors opening, others favour coloured swirling vortices growing, and still others favour a combination of the two. It should take you about 4-6 minutes to open your chakras after you’ve finished a grounding meditation.

Run energy through each chakra in step three.

Remember that source energy flow that rose up your grounding cord from the earth during the grounding meditation? It’s time to move forward at this point. Imagine that stream of earth energy, once more beginning at the root, is now flowing up and out of your root chakra. Think of it as endless amounts of white light energy flowing through the root chakra like water through an open faucet. Pull a second cord-like stream of white light energy up through the sacral chakra next. Imagine that the sacral chakra is fully open and flushing energy out. Continue until each of the seven primary chakras has seven streams of white light energy flowing through it (if you enjoy working).

Step 4: Stop the Flow

There is no set end point here, no time limit to determine how long this should take. I simply allow the energy to flow until I decide it’s finished. The time required to clear the chakra is determined by the individual and the amount of energy required. It could be five minutes, seven minutes, ten minutes, or twenty minutes. It’s up to you to decide when it’s time to stop the flow, and trust that whatever length you choose is the right length for you.

When that time comes, begin pulling out those streams of energy one by one, as if you were unplugging extension cords, imagining them falling back to the Earth.

Step 5: Restore Chakra Balance

After you’ve stopped the flow of energy, it’s time to balance each chakra to an open level that feels right to you. I personally do not recommend or enjoy having chakras that are completely open. It’s draining and a little too much for me. So what we do is basically adjust the chakras so that they feel right to you, not completely closed or completely open, but somewhere in the middle that is healthy for you.

We begin at the crown and imagine a radio knob associated with each chakra, as if we were turning off the energy flow. Consider turning the dial down to a level that is comfortable for you. Too low, and you might feel heaviness; too high, and you might feel a little uppity all of a sudden. Consider adjusting the dial to the optimal setting for you. And proceed down the chakra system, adjusting the dial for each chakra until you reach a comfortable state. This is an intuitive process with no right or wrong answers. There is no such thing as being too open or too closed; each individual has their own state of homeostasis, a point at which you feel and are in balance. This point is unique to each individual.

Uncertain about what “feels right”?

That’s fine! Take note of how you feel and what you experience as you open chakras, run energy, and adjust the dials. It takes some time to learn to sense subtle energy here. Simply open, close, adjust until you feel like stopping, and then move on! With practise, you’ll be able to complete this entire process in as little as 15 minutes or less.

Cleaning up is the sixth step.

Visualize your chakra’s emptied gunk piling up all around you. Imagine yourself or your Spirit Guides taking a broom and sweeping that chakra-clogging gunk into a garbage can until everything is clean.

That’s all! Follow these six steps to cleanse your chakras in a simple, quick, and effective manner.

Want more in-depth clearing assistance or some pointers on how to do it yourself? Cool – I have a meditation that thoroughly cleanses and clears the energy body.

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