Have seen Alia Bhatt without makeup..the actress herself shared the picture, enjoying the golden sun

Alia Bhatt’s face was glowing without makeup. (Photo courtesy: aliaabhatt/Instagram)

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup Photo Viarl: The year 2022 has been great for Alia Bhatt. On the new year, Forbes India has given Alia a place in its list. Alia is spending time with her daughter Raha these days, meanwhile shared her picture and showed a glimpse of ‘me time’. In the photo, Alia is looking simple and sunny without makeup.

 This year , not only Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor but their daughter Raha also had their first Lohri. Alia Bhatt is enjoying motherhood these days. Recently, Aaliya had posted on social media and told what kind of changes came in her after becoming a mother. Alia has felt a lot of change in herself not only physically but also mentally. Now Alia has shared a picture of herself on Instagram, in which she is seen enjoying the golden sunshine early in the morning.

Alia Bhatt shared a picture of herself on Instagram Story on Saturday. In this photo, Alia is looking simple and looking at the sunlight, without makeup. Sunlight is falling on Aaliya’s face and she is seen glowing. Sharing this picture of hers, Alia wrote ‘morning slurp’ in the caption.

Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt, who is facing a change in herself these days, has given birth to a daughter ‘Raha’ two months back. Like every mother-to-be, Alia too is going through changes within herself. To become physically fit, he has also started rigorous yoga practice. Its glimpse was also shown on the social media itself. Awaliya is constantly giving updates about herself, while the glimpse of daughter Raha has not been shown. On Friday, Alia also went out for a walk with Ranbir Kapoor and sister Shaheen Butt. When paparazzi caught sight, both Alia and Ranbir requested not to share Raha’s picture publicly

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