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Hair oil or hair serum, know which is better for hair

Hair oil or hair serum, know which is better for hair.  Know in this article

Hair oil or hair serum, know which is better for hair.  

Hair is an important part of our personality and hence every person takes special care of his/her skin as well as hair. Especially, women also like to make different types of hairstyles. However, you have to use a variety of hair products to take proper care of your hair.

The first step in taking care of hair is oiling them. Indians have been following this practice for years. But in the recent times, hair serums have also become quite popular and now women must keep them in their hair kit. However, hair oils and hair serums work in different ways on the hair and hence people do not understand which one to use. 

Difference in use

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The biggest difference between both hair oil and hair serum lies in the way they are used. Actually, hair oil is a pre-shampoo hair care routine. Two hours before washing the hair, people warm the oil according to their hair type and apply it in the hair. It reaches the roots and provides it with moisture. However, hair tends to become sticky after oiling and hence a hair wash is necessary.

If the oil remains in the hair for a long time, then it starts attracting the dirt towards itself. At the same time, hair serum is an after shampoo care routine. Hair serum is used after washing the hair to add a shine to it. Just a few drops are enough for your hair.

Difference in nutrition

When it comes to nourishing the hair, then the hair oil here is definitely many times better than the hair serum. When the oil is applied by heating, it nourishes the hair along with giving it moisture. But hair serums are a bit behind in this matter. Due to this the hair does not get any nourishment.

Difference in hairstyling

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On the other hand, when it comes to hair styling, hair serum is better than hair oil in many respects. Firstly, after washing hair, hair serum provides shine to the hair. Due to which your hair looks good in any hairstyle from open hair.

Plus, it makes your hair smoother, which makes it easier to detangle and you can create a variety of hairstyles in your hair. On the other hand, if your baby hairs bother you after hairstyling, then a hair serum can also be used to manage them. 

Who to use

Now the question arises that which of these two hair products is better? Actually, both these hair products are necessary for the hair and you will not get the full benefit from using just one hair product. While hair oil is essential for hair care, hair serum is needed to style it. Therefore, use both these hair products and take care of the hair.

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