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Don’t make these mistakes while applying hair serum

Hair serum works to make your hair frizz free. Do you know how to apply it properly? If not, then definitely read this article and Don’t make these mistakes while applying hair serum

Does your hair get frizzy often? Are you too worried about managing your hair? If yes then you should use a good hair serum. The hair serum acts as a tonic for your hair, which manages dull, dry hair and works great on frizzy hair.

Be it hair dryness or styling, this is enough to solve all your problems. However, if the serum is not applied properly, then there is no difference on your hair. Today in this article we are going to tell you the right way to apply hair serum and what mistakes should not be made while applying it.

What is Hair Serum?

what is hair serum

Just like there is a face serum for the face, a hair serum for hair is made with active ingredients that go deep into the hair. You can use hair serums to control frizz, set hair styles and manage hair. While oils provide nourishment to the scalp, serums work at the surface level. Hair serum is a good option for quick fix hair.

Hair serums help to replenish lost lipids, thereby preventing cuticular damage. It is essential that you apply the serum evenly on your hair, especially the parts where it is needed the most. If you have chemically treated hair then you should opt for a protein rich serum.

How to use hair serum?

when to use hair serum

When to put-

There are many benefits of applying hair serum, one of them being that it protects your hair from pollution. It should be applied on your moist hair ie after bath. Hair serum adds a layer of protection to your hair.

How to find-

While applying the serum, keep in mind that you have to start at the ends of your hair and then work your way up to the middle of your length. Do not apply serum on the scalp by mistake as it can make your hair oily

Don’t make these mistakes while applying hair serum

hair serum mistakes to avoid

Do not apply hair serum daily: Many experts refuse to apply hair serum daily. When your hair is excessively frizzy and unmanageable, you should still apply an oil-based serum every few days. 

Do not use serum without hair type: This is a silicone based product, which solves many problems of your hair, but you should use the serum according to your hair type. Use a separate serum for other problems like dry and frizzy hair , split ends, thick hair, damaged hair.

Do not apply too much hair serum: If you are thinking that your hair is too long or thick and you need to apply more serum, then it is not so. You should take the serum in coin-sized amount and apply it on the hair.

Do not apply on hair without washing: As we mentioned that hair serum works to protect your hair from pollution and dust. For it to work properly on the hair, it should be applied on clean and washed hair. It should be applied only on damp hair before styling. Do not apply it on unwashed hair.

Make sure to apply hair serum for silky, shiny, frizz free and smooth hair. If you are applying hair serum, then first you should know the hair concern and hair type .

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