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Digestion gets spoiled due to these mistakes, if you want to stay healthy then make distance today itself

Tips For Better Digestion: Correct digestion is very important to stay healthy. Bad digestion is the cause of many diseases. Due to many of our eating habits, there are problems related to digestion. This can cause stomach upset, indigestion, constipation, acidity and bloating. Let us know which habits cause problems related to digestion. Digestive Problems: Digestion gets spoiled due to these mistakes, if you want to stay healthy then make distance today itself.

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drinking water after eating

Many people drink a lot of water while eating or after eating. Due to drinking water immediately after eating, there can be problems related to digestion. Water can affect digestion. If digestion is to be kept healthy, then water should be drunk after 10-15 minutes of eating. 

eat fast

Many people eat food very fast. In the rush to eat quickly, they do not even chew their food properly. Due to not chewing the food properly, its digestion becomes difficult. It can also cause gas and bloating. Food should be eaten slowly and after chewing well. 

Drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach can cause problems of gas and acidity. Caffeine is present in tea and coffee. This causes indigestion. If you have problems with burning sensation, nausea or gas, then you should avoid drinking tea and coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning. 

sitting wrong

How is our position while eating, it affects digestion. Food should not be eaten while walking. Sit cross legged and then eat food. Blood circulation is better by sitting cross legged. This leads to proper digestion. 

drink less water 

It is necessary to drink the right amount of water for good digestion. Due to lack of water in the body, food can become hard and there can be difficulty in digestion. Dehydration also causes diarrhea and loose motions

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