Cleansing Your Body And Home From Negative Energy

You’ve probably heard of the “evil eye,” which is thought to be cast by a malevolent look and usually offered to someone who is unaware. Because many cultures believed it could bring misfortune, harm, or illness, many talismans were designed to safeguard your energies from the evil eye’s attack. And there are a plethora of methods for Cleansing Your Body And Home From Negative Energy

Cleansing Your Body And Home From Negative Energy

However, the evil eye isn’t the sole source of negative energy in our energy field, or aura. Quite often, after spending time in a crowded, noisy environment, where various types of energy, as well as different individuals, in a closed environment, such as shopping malls or public transportation, you may feel your energy level has dropped, or you may feel drained.

Alternatively, after speaking with someone, you may feel exhausted, agitated, or depressed. You may have come into contact with a psychic vampire or simply someone with negative energy, and because we all exchange energy when conversing, other people’s negative energy might influence you as well.

There are other scenarios in which we may be influenced by negative energies and how severely they may affect us, but I believe you understand my argument. Simply put, when negative energy accumulates in our bodies, we may feel depleted, anxious, sad, or angry. As a result, we will vibrate at a lower frequency and attract events, emotions, and thoughts that are similar to them.

A good point to make here is that you may perform a variety of things at home to rid yourself and your home of negative energy. It is totally up to you to determine which method works best for you. I’ll only show you a few different techniques to cleanse your subtle body and your home with energy.

Cleansing Your Body And Home From Negative Energy


Nature is good for everything, and spending time in it can help you cleanse and rejuvenate your energies. Opening windows and allowing fresh air and sunlight, or moonlight, into your area can also help to cleanse it of negative energy and infuse it with positive energy. Full moon meditations are especially beneficial for recharging your batteries and raising your vibrations.


Meditation is a wonderful technique for connecting with oneself, the divine, and higher awareness, as well as for aligning our chakras, opening and sharpening our senses, and purifying our subtle bodies of bad energy and restoring equilibrium. It is literally possible to do it anyplace. I find it very effective to practise in nature or in conjunction with aromatherapy.


Take a shower and visualise how the water is purifying you by removing all of the negative energy from your body and aura. Right after you take a shower, you will feel rejuvenated, charged up, and filled with much more positive and higher vibes. You can achieve the same outcomes by taking a bath, swimming in the sea, or simply observing the water, how it moves (water fall, fountains), or its quietness.

The purpose of a cleansing bath, on the other hand, is not to wash your physical body. This aspect of personal hygiene should be completed before entering a shower or bath, and then you can use the bath to cleanse your energies. You can also add 1-2 drops of cleansing essential oils, herbs, and candles to your bath, which you can light and place near the bathtub.


You can use sprays to cleanse yourself, as well as your home or office, of negative energy. You can use hydrosols like sage here, or you can make it yourself in no time by combining pure essential oils with distilled water in a glass spray bottle. Shake it well before using (20-25 drops to 50 ml of water should do its job here)


Try listening to vibrational music, high-frequency noises, or singing bowls, all of which can be found on YouTube. Mantras and chanting are also options. When it’s used with meditation, it’s even more potent.


Aromatherapy is being used. Essential oils are well-known for their ability to cleanse the mind. You can diffuse them throughout the house, or apply them to yourself in a diluted form with carrier oil, such as a roll-on, or by putting 1 drop on your palms, rubbing your palms together, inhaling deeply a few times, then gently moving your hands around your entire body without touching it, as if cleansing your aura.

This will assist you in clearing negative energy from your aura. You don’t need much oil; just a single drop will suffice. Rosemary, sage, angelica, hyssop, juniper, eucalyptus, fennel, lavender, pine, and myrtle, in my opinion, are the best energy and psychic cleansing essential oils.


Cleanse your energy and the energy of your home using crystals. Crystals, like us and any other creature or thing in the earth, have their own vibrations, which include our thoughts and feelings. Selenite, amethyst, and black tourmaline are all excellent for clearing negative energy.

Incense is being burned.

People of various cultures have used incense to purify and cleanse the area and people’s auras since ancient times. Regardless of the beliefs, when you observe some religions burn incense, it still has the symbolic sense of purification. Burning incense is a terrific approach to cleanse from negative energy; you may take it throughout the house to ensure that every portion is cleaned, or you can do it around yourself (just be careful not to burn yourself) to purify your energy field. Smudging using frankincense, myrrh, wood chocks like palo santo, cedarwood, and sandalwood, as well as sage or sweet grass are all good options.

You can use one or a combination of methods. Personally, I enjoy combining meditation with essential oils and crystals, as well as sitting in nature or near water. Choose what is most convenient for you.

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