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Clay Pot Water Benefits: Avoid Covid-19 by drink Cool Water From The pitcher.

Clay Pot Water Benefits: Avoid Covid-19 by drink Cool Water From The pitcher.

Clay pot can be used to store water in bottles and tanks easily. Naturally cooling the water in clay bottles and pottery is beneficial amid the dangers of corona infection.

 The effect of the heat is increasing and the shadow of the fear of Corona is not leaving the chase. Cold water in this season can worsen cold cough and throat. Chilled water can be the biggest cause of cold in this season. In this era of corona, doctors are advising to avoid drinking cold water. If you cannot avoid cold water in summer, then drink pot water. The water in the pot is naturally cooled, which is considered more safe and healthy.

Ayurveda has also considered the advantages of keeping water in pottery and cooking food in them. In this era of corona, mud pots, bottles and tanks are present in which water can be easily stored and used. Modern vessel with bottoms of soil or complete earthen pots keep the water cool and can be consumed naturally in the midst of the dangers of corona infection. Let us know how water is cooled in an earthen pot and what are the benefits of drinking it.

How water remains cold:

Clay pot has microscopic holes. These holes are so subtle that they cannot be seen with naked eyes. Water cooling depends on the action of evaporation. The more evaporation, the more water will also cool. The water of the pot keeps pouring out through these microscopic holes. Water evaporates due to heat. It takes heat from pot water to produce vapor. In this whole process, the temperature of the pot decreases and the water remains cool.

Clay Pot Water Benefits: Avoid Covid-19 by drink Cool Water From The pitcher.

Increases immunity in pot water :

Cooling water in an earthen pot or bottle keeps the immune system in good condition. Storing water in the pitcher increases the level of testosterone hormone in the body.

PH balance in water:

The soil has alkaline properties. Alkalinity is imparted with the acidity of water, providing a proper pH balance. Drinking this water removes acidity and relieves stomach pain.

Heals the throat:

In summers, there is more call for drinking cold water and we continue to drink cold water from refrigerator. By drinking cold water, the temperature of the throat cells drops suddenly due to which the ripening of the throat and swelling of the glands starts. Cold water worsens the body’s actions.

Cold water can increase constipation:

Drinking icy water can cause constipation. Pot water is not very cold so it keeps digestion healthy. Drinking it gives satisfaction. Its regular use can relieve problems such as stomach ache, gas, acidity and constipation.

Toxin adsorption power:

The soil has purification properties, it absorbs all the toxic substances. Consuming this water provides all the necessary micronutrients. It keeps water at the right temperature, neither too cold nor too hot.

In Arthritis, it is very effective:

It relieves problems such as pain, cramps or swelling in the body. It is considered highly beneficial in the disease of Arthritis.

Relieves anemia:

Drinking water kept in an earthen pot is very beneficial for individuals suffering from anemia disease. Iron is present in plenty in the soil. Anemia is an iron deficiency disease.

Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take these as the advice of any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, take the advice of a doctor.

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