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Choose The Right Comb To Make Hair Thick And Strong

As important as choosing the right hair care routine, the right shampoo and the right oil for the hair, it is equally important to choose the right comb. Learn how to Choose The Right Comb To Make Hair Thick And Strong

We use many expensive products to make hair long and shiny. Some people are troubled by hair problems, do not know what to try from home remedies to hair spa, but ignore one small thing and that is comb. Neither do people know much about which comb should be used for hair, nor do they pay attention to it. , Due to which even after the use of good and expensive products, hair growth does not happen properly. Along with detangling the hair, the comb also works to keep the scalp healthy. That’s why you should always choose a comb according to your hair. This will keep the hair long and healthy. Know which type of hair you should use which comb.

Choose The Right Comb To Make Hair Thick And Strong

Thin or light hair

Because such hair is lighter than before, such a comb should be used on it, which will add value to the hair. You can use a comb with thin, short, and thick bristles for this. This comb will help to make the hair bouncy, resulting in fuller hair. A comb with broad bristles can also be used to easily untangle hair.

For curly hair

Taking care of curly hair is a bit difficult because it takes a lot of effort to solve them. Curly hair is mostly dry, due to which it gets tangled a lot. For such hair, you can use a comb with wide bristles of nylon. With the help of wide bristles, your hair will break less, which will reduce hair damage.

For straight hair

This type of hair is very easy to take care of because it is straight, so there is less tangling. Flat paddle brushes are good for such hair. Do not comb the hair forcefully. Due to this there is a risk of hair breakage.

Comb for thick hair

A comb with wide bristles is perfect for fixing thick hair. With this comb, the hair gets unraveled easily and there is no fear of breakage. By using the right comb, our scalp also remains perfect. Due to the good health of the scalp, their growth is also good.

What Are the Advantages of Combining?

  1. Hair is fed by the bloodstream, and combing through your scalp causes blood to rise to the surface, resulting in microcirculation. This improved circulation sends more oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots, nourishing them and stimulating hair growth.
  2. Combing stimulates your sebaceous glands, the little guys at your hair roots that produce the natural oil on your scalp (sebum). In addition to keeping the scalp and hair hydrated, sebum coats the scalp surface and helps to maintain the proper pH balance, which is critical for a healthy scalp.
  3. Combing helps distribute those essential oils throughout your hair as a secondary step in activating your oil glands. Natural oils are beneficial, but who wants it all to sit on top of their head? Natural conditioners come from your sebaceous glands, and combing your scalp, down the hair shaft, and to the ends of your hair helps condition the entire hair. Guys, this is basically free conditioner!
  4. Combing helps to loosen and remove dead skin that can clog scalp pores and block follicles, causing scalp irritation and affecting hair growth.

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