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Alkaline Food For Your Body

Do you know that our body functions best in the alkaline state as it is designed to be alkaline. Unfortunately, most of us intake acidic food like processed and canned food , junk food etc which result in many disease like heart disease, a stroke, cancer, skin disorders, auto-immune conditions,

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How To Make Immunity Building Shorba At Home

In the prevailing covid-19 situation everyone of us want to raise our immunity. So I am here with Immunity Building Shorba Recipe or immunity building soup This is a blend of vegetables and lentils. It is surely loved by kids also. It is best for those kids who do not

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Tasty Summer special Custard drink recipe

In this summer season you all want to have different different drinks. I am here with very simple and easy custard drink recipe. INGREDIENTS 2 cups or ½ litre full cream milk 2 tbsp custard powder 3 tbsp cold milk ¼ cup sugar Limca INSTRUCTION firstly, during a thick bottomed

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Jaggery Lemonade Recipe | How To Make Gur Wala Nimbu Pani

In summer season everyone loves to have lemonade but everyone is reluctant to have too much of sugar. Even you can have lemonade without sugar just add jaggery to it. It’s just tastes like sugarcane juice. Here is a very easy, simple and delicious Jaggery Lemonade Recipe | How To

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How to make Pizza Patties / Stuffed Pizza Filling Aloo Tikki

Iam getting really good response for my recipes . Your love has motivated me to try something new. Today I am here with a unique blend of pizza topping and aloo tikki. Pizza Patties / Stuffed Pizza Filling Aloo Tikki is very simple and relished by everyone. Pizza Patties /

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Get These 4 Benefits By Applying Sesame Oil On The Navel

Applying Sesame Oil on Belly Button: Applying oil on the navel is beneficial for overall health. You can also add sesame oil to it. You will get these 4 benefits by applying sesame oil on the navel Applying Sesame Oil on Belly Button : In Ayurveda, it is advised to apply oil

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What is the difference between Kajal and Surma And Which of the two is more beneficial for the eyes

Kajal and Surma are used to beautify the eyes. Let us know What is the difference between Kajal and Surma And Which of the two is more beneficial for the eyes The eyes are the hallmark of our beauty. Many women use different types of beauty products to make their eyes more beautiful. Many

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Recipe: Simmer tender pieces of pork in a tangy mustard sauce for these robust sandwiches

This delicious recipe offers a flavorful twist on traditional pulled pork. Instead of barbecue sauce, a tangy mustard sauce complements the rich meat perfectly. The boneless pork shoulder is cooked low and slow, braised with zesty seasonings like jalapeno and cider vinegar. The result is fork-tender meat that is then

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Douglass Williams opens DW French in the Fenway; Snowport returns to the Seaport

Charbroiled steak au poivre and creamed spinach with roasted garlic and white wine at DW French.EMILY KAN Openings: Chef Douglass Williams (MIDA) says bonjour to the Fenway with DW French, inside Pierce Boston (1391 Boylston St.). Settle into a red leather banquette and enjoy French onion soup, escargot in garlic butter,

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How to deal with stress naturally

Stress is that body’s reaction to any change that needs an adjustment or response. The body reacts to those changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress may be a normal a part of life.we’ll experience stress from our environment, our body, and our thoughts. Even positive life changes like