Aloo Frankie recipe from chappati |Mumbai street food Frankie

When you don’t want to have simple aloo and chappati then just try this simple, easy and nutritive. Even you can make it with leftover Chapati. Aloo Frankie recipe from chappati |Mumbai street food Aloo Frankie Ingredients For sauce 5 dry red chilli 6-7 clove garlic 1 tsp lemon juice


Leftover Chapati Recipe | Make Easy Frankie Roll From Leftover Chapati

Leftover chapati or roti is a very common occurrence in any indian household. So what do you do with stale rotis ? That’s the real question.Leftover Chapati Recipe | Make Easy Frankie Roll From Leftover Chapati is here for you all. In reality that’s no question at all as there are many

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How To Make Immunity Building Shorba At Home

In the prevailing covid-19 situation everyone of us want to raise our immunity. So I am here with Immunity Building Shorba Recipe or immunity building soup This is a blend of vegetables and lentils. It is surely loved by kids also. It is best for those kids who do not

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Tasty Summer special Custard drink recipe

In this summer season you all want to have different different drinks. I am here with very simple and easy custard drink recipe. INGREDIENTS 2 cups or ½ litre full cream milk 2 tbsp custard powder 3 tbsp cold milk ¼ cup sugar Limca INSTRUCTION firstly, during a thick bottomed

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Jaggery Lemonade Recipe | How To Make Gur Wala Nimbu Pani

In summer season everyone loves to have lemonade but everyone is reluctant to have too much of sugar. Even you can have lemonade without sugar just add jaggery to it. It’s just tastes like sugarcane juice. Here is a very easy, simple and delicious Jaggery Lemonade Recipe | How To


Pizza From Chappati Recipe | Pizza From Leftover Chapati

we all make or buy pizza base before making it. But we can make pizza from a simple chappati which we make in our routine diet. Here is a pizza from chappati recipe which is very easy ,simple and delicious. Pizza from chappati recipe Ingredients 1 chappati made from whole

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How to make Pizza Patties / Stuffed Pizza Filling Aloo Tikki

Iam getting really good response for my recipes . Your love has motivated me to try something new. Today I am here with a unique blend of pizza topping and aloo tikki. Pizza Patties / Stuffed Pizza Filling Aloo Tikki is very simple and relished by everyone. Pizza Patties /

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12 Simple Spiritual Herbal Teas for Awakening Intuition, Activating Higher Consciousness, and Deep Healing

People have been peering into their teacups for answers in the tea leaves for millennia. The spiritual force of these beverages and herbs has always been present. You are allowing yourself to go within when you brew yourself a calming cup of herbal tea. You start to hear the voice

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Recipe: Simmer tender pieces of pork in a tangy mustard sauce for these robust sandwiches

This delicious recipe offers a flavorful twist on traditional pulled pork. Instead of barbecue sauce, a tangy mustard sauce complements the rich meat perfectly. The boneless pork shoulder is cooked low and slow, braised with zesty seasonings like jalapeno and cider vinegar. The result is fork-tender meat that is then

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‘We’re coming out of the broom closet.’ In Rhode Island, the season of the witch has arrived.

WICKFORD, R.I. — A few basics before we dive into our tale of the dancing witches of Wickford who kicked open the broom closet door and haven’t looked back since. They’ve won over this seaside village’s hearts with their choreography, and now these enchantresses hope their newfound popularity can also