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Benefit of having paan

Good news for paan lovers as we are here with some benefits to have paan. Benefits of having paan | Medicinal Benefits Of Betel Leaves

Betel leaf may be a vine from the family of Piperaceae, mostly consumed in India and Asia as a ‘Paan’ along side ‘Arcea Nut’ or tobacco.

Benefit of having paan
Benefit of having paan

While many check out it as ‘Paan’ consumed after an honest meal or simply as a habit, it also features a significant place during religious rituals in India.

In India, sheaf of betel leaves are offered to Gods, elders in the family as a mark of respect during festivals and functions. However, these glossy, heart-shaped leaves are often ignored for the large amount of health benefits they provide to the mankind.

Known as ‘Paan Ka Patha’ in Hindi, Tamalapaaku in Telugu, Vethalapaaku in Tamil, Vattla in Malayalam, these leaves aren’t as bad as you imagined. Betel leaves accompany several curative health benefits as they’re loaded with vitamins like vitamin C , thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, carotene and an excellent source of calcium.

Importance of Betel Leaf in Indian Culture

Betel leaves form an important part of Indian culture and offering them to guests is a sign of hospitality. The true origin story and spread of the leaves remain debatable to this date, but the leaves are extensively used in various cuisines too, both Indian and non-Indian ones. These leaves are a part of every dinner menu ranging from wedding ceremonies, events related to religious worship and are even used in pujas too. In South Indian culture, during any marriage ceremony two betel leaves with some areca nuts and coconut are given to guests.

Benefit of having paan
Benefits of having paan

Benefits of having paan | Medicinal Benefits Of Betel Leaves

Boosts Digestion

Betel leaf stimulates the production of stomach acids which are needed to absorb vitamins and nutrients efficiently. If your gut isn’t working properly, it’s not going to absorb the nutrients you get properly, but betel leaf fixes this and makes sure that your gastric juices and digestive acids are secreting right.

Aids in weight-loss:

Betel leaves can be used by people who want to shed weight. It reduces body fat and increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Eases Constipation:

Benefit of having paan

 Betel leaves are a powerhouse of antioxidants which clear radicals from the body. It restores normal PH levels in the body and helps upset stomach. Eating betel leaves relief constipation according to ayurveda. Crush betel leaves and put it in the water overnight. Drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach to ease bowel movements.

Cures headache:

Benefit of having paan

If you’re affected by a severe headache, betel leaves can come to your rescue. The leaves have cooling properties which give instant relief from the ache when applied externally.

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Heals wounds:

If you ll apply betel leaves, over a wound and it will heal a wound and accelerate the healing process. They are also widely utilized in Ayurveda for treating boils.

Mouth/breath freshener

 paan as mouth freshener

Betel leaf oil helps in preventing cavity and also keeps our teeth and gums healthy. Not just this, the oil produced from betel leaf helps to keeps our breath fresh, prevents bad breath, stops oral bleeding and helps in maintaining oral hygiene. Just mix a few drops of betel leaf oil with one cup of warm water and gargle every morning and night. You’ll see the difference right after the first use.

Helps in treating diabetes:

Red betel leaf can lower blood glucose levels. It contains active molecules called tannins that have antidiabetic properties. The betel alkaloids lower blood glucose levels by inhibiting glucose absorption in the intestine .

This leaf also contains a spread of polyphenols that have excellent antioxidant potential. These molecules protect the pancreatic cells from free radical damage.

In India, eating paan (betel quid) after meals is a common practice. Rat studies have proven that this practice can lower the biomarkers of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)

Reduces Cough And Congestion

Paan cures coughing

According to traditional medicine, betel leaf can relieve cough. These leaves are soaked in mustard oil, warmed, and applied to the chest to relieve congestion in the lungs .

Betel leaf juice with honey can be given to children to get rid of phlegm and wet cough, thanks to its warm and spicy flavor. Literature suggests that this plant can treat bronchitis too. The essential oils in the leaf play an important role in this property 

Improves Your Mood

Betel leaves are known to beat depression and boost your mental health. You’ll definitely be feeling a lot happier once you start taking it regularly and it’s completely natural too.

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