Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this

A nappy rash can be so painful that your baby cannot sleep through the night. Sometimes due to this babies are not able to take feed. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to it immediately. Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this in this article.

Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this

The experience of becoming a mother for the first time is quite different, because some things are known to you only after going through this experience. And sometimes even googling on this can’t help you much. Taking care of a little baby is no less than a challenge. These challenges keep on increasing as the baby grows every day.

So do not worry, because the solution of the problem which is not with Google, our mother and grandmother-grandmother have the solution. Because the challenges you are facing today have passed years ago. One such problem is nappy rash. Which can make your baby sleepless as well as yours. If you are also worried about baby’s nappy rash, then here are some home remedies to get rid of it in mother’s tips (Mom says). 

Your baby, this season and nappy rash  

Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this
Nappy rash can make you sleepy as well as your baby. Image : Shutterstock

The fear of skin infection lasts the most for 4 to 15 months. Children at this age are more likely to develop a rash, especially in children who wear diapers all the time. Wearing diapers to young children gives you little convenience. But this diaper can cause rash, redness and irritation on the baby’s skin. The problem isn’t just with diapers. Nappy rash can occur even if the baby is in a wet nappy for a long time. 

Why does nappy infection happen?

When diapers are prepared to dry wetness, a variety of chemicals are included in it. Along with this, plastic is also included in it, which does not allow wetness to be felt. But due to this, the risk of infection increases due to lack of air passage. These rashes caused by diapers come out like red pimples on the skin, which becomes the cause of irritation in babies.

Here are some common causes of diaper rash 

  1.  diaper rub
  2. wearing a wet or dirty diaper for a long time
  3. bacterial infection
  4. Irritation caused by products such as soap, scented diapers and wipes
Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this
Some caution is necessary in the case of children. Image: Shutterstock

Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this

Due to diaper rash in a small child, their nature becomes irritable and it is very painful for them. To prevent mild rashes and irritation, you can use these home remedies told by my mother. 

1 Coconut oil 

Baby has nappy rash, so here is home remedies for this

This is an age old tried and tested recipe. Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil can have an effective effect on diaper rash in babies. Wash your baby’s bottom with warm water and pat it dry using a soft towel. After this, take half a teaspoon of coconut oil and apply it on the affected area.

2 Cornstarch 

Corn starch or maize flour is completely capable of retaining moisture. It can be useful in getting relief from diaper rash. Whenever you change the wet diaper of the baby, after that clean the area thoroughly and dry it and apply corn flour on it. After applying it, leave it open to dry for some time and then put on the next diaper.

3 Oatmeal

Diaper rash can cause itching and burning, which oatmeal can help relieve. For this, all you have to do is prepare a fine dough by grinding oatmeal and mix it in the baby’s bath water and wash the rash part of the child.

4 Aloe vera gel 

Aloe vera gel has been given an important place in Ayurveda for the treatment of skin. Aloe vera can also be used to treat diaper rash. For this, apply aloe vera gel to eliminate itching in the burning area. The anti-fungals present in it prevent the growth of fungal infections.

5 Plain yogurt 

Curd is to be used in the same way as any cream is used on the skin. Yogurt is useful for relieving inflammation and irritation. Apply a thick layer of curd on the rash affected area and within a few days the rash will disappear. However, keep in mind that the curd should be very plain. Nothing else is found in it and its temperature is normal.

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