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Ayurvedic remedy for weight gain: 5 amazing ayurvedic powders that make a lean body fit

Ayurvedic powder can be consumed to gain weight. Also, it can have many benefits for the body. Let us know about it in detail about Ayurvedic remedy for weight gain: 5 amazing ayurvedic powders that make a lean body fit

Ayurvedic remedy for weight gain: 5 amazing ayurvedic powders that make a lean body fit

A lean body lowers the confidence level of people. In such a situation, many of us adopt many methods to increase our body weight. Many people complain that they eat a lot, but still they do not gain weight. At the same time, some people even get their treatment done to gain weight, which in the end does not get any result. The reason for this is to use the wrong technology to increase the weight. If you want to increase your body weight, then take the right and balanced diet. Eating too much does not lead to weight gain, but weight gain or loss depends on what you are eating. Apart from this, you can adopt Ayurvedic methods to increase weight. Weight gain ayurvedic powder can be increased by consuming churna or powder present in Ayurveda.  

Ayurvedic remedy for weight gain: 5 amazing ayurvedic powders that make a lean body fit

You can use ayurvedic powder like Shatavari powder, Ashwagandha powder etc. to gain weight. Let’s know about these powders – 

1. Shatavari powder (Shatawari for weight gain)

Shatavari is an Ayurvedic herb , which is used to remove many problems of the body. The use of Shatavari can be beneficial for weight gain, especially during pregnancy. This can avoid the hassle during delivery. Shatavari capsules can also be consumed along with Shatavari powder for weight gain. 

2. Yashtimadhu Powder for weight gain

Along with eating to become fat or to increase weight, Ayurvedic supplements can be beneficial for you. Consuming Yashtimadhu powder regularly strengthens the digestive power, due to which food starts in your body. Many people do not gain weight due to digestive disturbances. In such a situation, Yashtimadhu powder can be beneficial for you (vajan badhane ka aasan tarika). 

3. Ashwagandha powder can increase weight

Ashwagandha powder can be consumed to increase weight in a healthy way. It can be beneficial in fulfilling the deficiency of many nutrients in your body. To gain weight, take Ashwagandha powder with milk daily. Apart from this, you can also take Ashwagandha powder with water. Not only will this increase weight, but it can also be beneficial in removing many problems of the body

4. Safed Musli is beneficial in gaining weight

Consumption of white musli powder can also be beneficial for you to gain weight. It increases weight and muscle mass in a good and healthy way. Also, it increases your strength. Not only this, Safed Musli can be beneficial in removing the weakness of the body. Regular consumption of Safed Musli reduces the problem of stress and depression, which is very important for increasing weight and keeping the body healthy. This can increase your body weight naturally. 

5. Mulethi is helpful in increasing weight (Mulethi for weight gain)

Along with boosting the immunity of the body, radish is also beneficial in increasing body weight. Regular consumption of Safed Musli powder can lead to weight gain. Also, it can be effective in removing the weakness of the body. 

To increase the weight, you can take Safed Musli, Ashwagandha Churna, Shatavar Churna. It can increase your body weight in a natural way. However, keep in mind that if you already have a specific problem, then take these Ayurvedic powders only on the advice of a doctor.

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