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Apples and its Benefits| nutritive value| tips

Apples and its Benefits|nutritive value| tips

An apple a day. Keeps the doctor away.

Apples and its Benefits|nutritive value| tips
Apples and its Benefits|nutritive value| tips

The apple is a native of Caucasus Mountains. It has been cultivated from pre history times. Bible has also several references of this fruit. The Scandinavians called it the “Food of Gods” and believed that it possessed medicinal properties to regenerate both mind and body.

Apples are grown in the month of August and September. Now they are grown all the year round. In India, apples are grown in the hilly areas of Kashmir, Kullu and Kumaon.

Nutritive value of apple

The apple is a highly nutritive food. It contains many minerals and vitamins in abundance. The apple is rich in sugar content which range from 9 to 51 per cent. Of this, fruit sugar constitutes 60 percent and glucose 25 percent and cane sugar only 15 percent.


protein 0.3%
carbohydrates 9.5%
minerals 0.4%
Calcium 0.01%
phosphorus 0.02%
iron1.7 mg /100 gms
vitamins B40 I.U. /100 gms
vitamins Ctrace

It has small amount of copper. Apples are very help in the maintenance of good health and in the treatment of many diseases.

Apple contains pectin a natural therapeutic ingredients which is present in the inner portion of rind and pulp. Pectin forms galactuonic acid which aids in detoxification ( a process for the elimination many harmful substances) . It prevent decomposition of protein matter in the alimentary canal. The malic acid of apple keep fit the bowels, liver and brain.

Different Ways in which you can consume apple

Apples can be concerns in various ways. Some of them are listed below

  • Raw As a fruit
  • Used in dessert
  • Salad
  • apple jelly, apple juice
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Baked Apples 
  • Oatmeal with Apples.
  • Greek Yogurt with Apples.
  • Pancakes are Great Ways to Eat Apples.
  • Sandwiches using Apples is fun, kid-friendly way to use apples.
  • Ice cream

Apples and its Benefits|nutritive value| tips


Apples contain arsenic iron and phosphorous which are nocessary for the treatment of anaemia. So 1kg apple juice should be taken daily. The best time to take the juice is half an hour before meals.


For the treatment of constipation apples are very helpful Raw apples acts as medicine for constipation. You need at least two apples daily for proper evacuation of bowels. You can have cooked or baked apples. The cooking process soften the cellulose and provides bulk to the night soil

Dental Disorders

Apples possess a mouth cleansing property, Tooth decay can be prevented by regular consumption of apples. The acid present in apples act as an antiseptic for the germs present in the mouth and teeth when they are thoroughly chewed. Apple should be taken to get relief From all kinds of tooth troubles

Dry Cough

Apples are good treatment in dry hacking cough. Sweet apples should be taken daily for about a week to get relief dry cough. But avoid cold-drinks after having apple.


Apples are very useful in acute and chronic dysentery among children. Ripe apples should be crushed into pulp and given several times a day, in this disorder may help to get relief.

Eye treatment

The apple peel water has proved as an excellent medicine for the inflamed eyes. First peel the apples, then put them in a pan, well covered with water. Brought the water to boiling point and allowed to simmer for a few minutes and then some honey may be added to it. The consumption of this water gives relief to the inflamed eyes.

The over-ripe apples can cure sore eyes. Apply the pulp over the closed eyes and held position with bandage . Keep it there for one to two hours. This will give relief


If you are suffering from acute headache then take a ripe apple and remove the upper rind. Consume the inner hard portion after removing the upper rind of a ripe with a little salt every morning on empty stomach. Continue this for about a week. If consumed thrice a week by this way, there will be no headache.

Heart Diseases

Apple with honey is a very effective remedy for functional disorders of heart. They are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. Dieticians have established recently that people who consume plenty of potassium through diet there is no danger of heart attacks

High Blood Pressure

The apple diet has a rapid and considerable diuretic effect causing increased secretion of urine. Hence blood pressure comes to normal. It also relieves the kidneys by reducing the supply of sodium chloride. It also lowers the sodium level in the tissues. Apples contain high level of potassium

Kidney Stones

Apple juice is useful in kidney stone-trouble. The content of high levels of potassium gives relief to this trouble. The ripe fresh apples juice will be more helpful.

Rheumatic Afflictions

For arthritis, theumatism and gout apples are a good if uric acid the main reason. The malic acid contained in them neutralise the uric acid and gives relief to the suffers. For rheumatic pains apples, boiled to a jelly, make a very good liniment. This should be rubbed freely on the affected area to get relief.

Stomach Disorders

Slice a whole apple and gently pound it till becomes slightly mashed. Sprinkle cinnamon or honey on it. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. Take this several times be two meals and get relief from stomach disorders of all kend. The pectin, in the mashed apple creates a protective cheating as an absorbent and soothing agent.

Virus and Vitality

A apple removes all deficiencies of vital organs and makes the body healthy and strong. As it contains phosphorus and iron more than any other fruit. Regular consumption with milk helps to build healthy and bright skin. Due to this quality of apple this proverb in true that An apple a day. keeps the doctor away”. Consumption of an apple a day will keep you strong and fit through whole period of your life. For vigour and vitality it is one of the best tonic


Apples are often sprayed with posionous chemicals to prevent them from decay. Therefore the fruits should be thoroughly washed and cleaned in all possible ways before taking them in

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