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Anti Aging Tips: These 7 Korean Skin Care Tips Will Keep Skin Young

Korean women have very good skin and nowadays it is becoming popular in India too. So let’s know some Anti Aging Tips: These 7 Korean Skin Care Tips Will Keep Skin Young

Anti Aging Tips: These 7 Korean Skin Care Tips Will Keep Skin Young

Korean skin care routine is on trend these days. You must have heard many times that people are buying Korean skin care products or they have adopted Korean skin care routine. You must have also heard about glass skin that completely flawless, glowing mirror like skin, which does not show age. Such skin attracts us a lot. I myself have slowly started adopting Korean skin care tips and in the coming time I will also tell you about my experience, but for the time being let’s talk about some special tips which can make your skin more attractive and youthful. People in Korea often do.

Anti Aging Tips: These 7 Korean Skin Care Tips Will Keep Skin Young

1. Multiple step cleansing

These skin care tips definitely focus a lot on skin cleansing. You may clean your skin once or you can use a cleansing milk or toner, but Korean Skin Care Techniques says that you use oil-based products to reduce the oil from your face. Yes, you will find oil in most of Korea’s face washes, cleansing milks, toners, etc. They not only remove the oil of the face, but also do not allow it to become extra dry.  

Anti Aging Tips: These 7 Korean Skin Care Tips Will Keep Skin Young

2. Water Base Facewash- 

We have been hearing since childhood that ‘iron cuts iron’, the same is true of Korean skin care products. If you want to remove facial oil then oil based product and if you want to remove dirt with water then water based product. This is the second method of Korean skin care i.e. using water base face wash.  

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3. Exfoliating- 

Exfoliating the skin is also very important in the Korean skin care method . In this way you can remove all the dirt from the skin. While scrubbing, keep in mind that you have to use a mild scrub and not a hard scrub.  

4. Facial Massage- 

Korean massage steps are very basic so that you can improve the blood circulation of your face. Body massages are also like this. How you will apply your everyday cream in Korean massage also decides. You have to learn some steps of face massage for how you will tap on the face to apply the cream and how to apply it in a comfortable way. It is very important for improving the complexion of the skin and making it look young. This is done by massaging upwards near the mouth, near the eyes, on the cheeks. After this, do not forget to massage the throat. 

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5. Make sure to moisturize- 

Moisturize your skin as soon as you cleanse it. Only then the effect of cream, lotion, serum will be maximum. Because it will easily go inside your skin. Keep in mind that it is very important to massage and moisturize the neck.  

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6. Vitamin C- 

You probably know the benefits of eating vitamin C skin products and fruits rich in vitamin C etc. Vitamin C is widely used in Korean skin care routine. You will find many products rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You can use them comfortably. You can also apply a face pack containing Vitamin C or any fruit directly on the face. Remember, do not forget the throat here too. It also eliminates skin wrinkles. You can take a serum or apply lemon juice mixed with water on the face. But do not do any treatment related to vitamin C before going out.  

7. Ginseng-

It is Korea’s top medicine and it is also used in skin care products there. It also works in eliminating skin wrinkles. You can do this by using Ginseng tea for your skin care. Take a tea-bag containing ginsing and put it in very hot water. Let the water cool down and then apply it on your face with the help of cotton. This will help eliminate skin wrinkles. 

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