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8 Surprising Ways to Use Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is commonly associated with many traditional applications, but it also has several applications that you may not have considered. Here are 8 Surprising Ways to Use Vaseline

8 Surprising Ways to Use Vaseline

Petroleum jelly products such as Vaseline have been used for a variety of applications for over 150 years, many of which are now forgotten.

8 Surprising Ways to Use Vaseline

The list below highlights some amazing uses for petroleum jelly that can improve everything from the quality of your skin to your health.

  • Face moisturiser Vaseline is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog facial pores. As a result, it can be used as a face cream without clogging the facial pores.
  • Hide split ends: Using a small amount of petroleum jelly and applying it directly to split ends, you can quickly glue them together and hide messy hair.
  • Highlight the cheekbones. Due to the glossy nature of Vaseline, applying a small amount to the cheekbones can help create a subtle glow to the skin.
  • Protects a sore nose: During cold or allergy season, a runny nose can lead to cracked and dry skin around the nose. A little Vaseline can easily soothe dry skin and allow it to retain moisture, allowing it to heal more quickly.
  • Define the lash: A small amount of Vaseline’s glossy, thick nature can easily be transferred to your lashes. A small amount applied directly to the lashes can make them thicker and shinier for a few hours.
  • Earrings are easier to put on. Earrings can be difficult to insert if they have been removed for a long time because the skin of the ears heals easily and quickly. Lubricating the hole with a small amount of Vaseline will make it easier to insert the earring.
  • Cuticle moisturiser: To moisturise the cuticles, apply a small amount of Vaseline directly to them. Cuticles frequently dry out, but with a little Vaseline, they can be kept moisturised for a long time.
  • Treatment for sunburn Applying a small amount of Vaseline to sunburned skin can help to relieve pain and soreness while also keeping the skin cool and healing faster.

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