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7 easy ways to convince people to do something

If you are one of those people who have a habit of saying yes to everything, then this story can be very useful for you. Learn 7 easy ways to convince people to do something

How many times has it happened that you do not feel like doing any work, yet you have to do it. This problem happens to many people and they are not used to saying no. It is not right to suppress your desires and ignore your own needs in order to please people. This is called People Pleasing Behavior, which sometimes becomes the cause of your problems.

You may become so upset because of this that you should give up worrying about yourself at all and feel yourself burdened. You must understand that not everyone can be made happy and this is not a misconception at all. But the problem of many people is that they cannot say no at all. In such a situation, how to eliminate people pleasing behavior, what should be done for it?

7 easy ways to convince people to do something

Always maintain the habit of saying no

The very first thing is that you have to always maintain the habit of saying no. When you say yes to everything, it is easy to become a victim of anxiety about something . Stop saying yes to everyone and try to change your habit sometimes. This will happen gradually, but once you say no, you will feel for yourself how big a change it is bringing.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to refuse someone. You don’t even need to be rude. Keep a few things in mind-

  • Don’t make a habit of making excuses for saying no.
  • It would be correct to just say ‘I can’t do this’.
  • First think whether you will be able to do that work or not, only then decide yes or no.
  • There is no need to think too much or else you will suffer more.

Before speaking it is important to think about one thing-

Whether you are going to say no directly or give an explanation for something else, it is important that you think first. It is important to say no, but it will not always be right to use harsh language for this. Even if you have a lot of anger in your mind, but still think once before speaking. It is not right to give instant response to everything. With a little thinking and understanding, you can avoid spoiling your relationship.

Set your own limits

It is very important to set boundaries for yourself. Many times people come to your personal space due to people pleasing behavior and you are not able to refuse them, but this is not right. If you decide your boundaries in advance, then you will feel the difference yourself. It is for you to decide what your limit is and how you tell this to people by your behavior. ( It is not difficult to maintain personal space in the relationship)

saying no without hurting someone

Listen to yourself too

If you always think about others and their words affect you a lot then you need to understand your own feelings. You have to understand what you want. Listen to yourself too, sometimes people do not pay attention to what happens in their mind and think about the happiness of others. But this is not true, thinking about yourself is not always selfish.

Do take care of yourself-

If you don’t take care of yourself, others won’t take care of you either. You have to work hard on your own to find out what you like. Do things that refresh you. Whether it is food, exercise, taking care of hair or nails , but it is important to pamper yourself. If you pamper yourself, then you will be able to understand what is the importance of life and you also deserve happiness.

Don’t always think about the same thing. Give yourself time and gradually develop the habit of saying no. Just as saying no to everything is not good, saying yes to everything is also not good. If you feel that your problem has increased, then talk to a specialist. It is important for you to be happy.

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