5 TIPS TO TEACH YOUR CHILD HOW TO RIDE A BICYCLE so there will be less fear of getting hurt and falling

Teach your child to ride a bicycle, then follow these 5 tips, there will be less fear of getting hurt and falling

As children grow up, parents start teaching them new things which are very important for them. Like wearing school dress yourself, tying shoelaces, eating properly, cycling etc. Today we are talking about how parents can teach children to ride a bicycle easily. A bicycle is such a ride that you are first given training to ride in childhood. When children are learning something new, they are first taught to ride a bicycle. But cycling is not easy as it also puts children at risk of falling and getting hurt.


If you are also teaching your child to ride a bicycle, then you should take care of some important tips. Let us know in detail about those tips – 

Right age to teach kids to ride a bicycle

Before teaching bicycles to children, the first thought that comes to your mind is at what age they should be taught to ride a bicycle. At what age is your child ready to learn to cycle? When the child is 4 to 6 years old, then you should teach him to ride a bicycle. Children at this age try to learn new things on their own.

1. Take care of safety 

When you teach your child to ride a bicycle, it is also your responsibility to take care of his safety. For this they should have all the safety related equipment. For example – helmet, knee cap, gloves etc. It should be their size. The helmet of the child should be such that it can cover half of their forehead. Before teaching you to ride a bicycle, make your child wear it properly.

2. Choose the Right Cycle

If you want your child to learn to ride a bicycle quickly and safely, then you have to choose a better bicycle for him. Take a bicycle according to the height of your child. Do not give him a high bicycle. If a child accidentally falls from a high bicycle, it can also cause injury. 

3. Choice of Location

Choosing the right place is very important for a child to learn to ride a bicycle easily. For this, choose a place where there is no crowd. Open space is better for children to learn bicycles. If you want, you can teach them to ride a bicycle in the park. If you choose a road, keep in mind that it should not have breakers or potholes.

4. Remove the Training Wheel 

Training wheels are helpful for children to learn to cycle quickly. With this, they learn to ride a bicycle but they are unable to balance. The training wheel keeps them supported and they feel that they have learned to ride a bicycle. In such a situation, if you want the child to learn to balance, then you should get the training wheel removed. Then ask them to ride a bicycle and have you stay with them for support. 

5. Seat Height 

When the child learns to cycle, he tries to fill the furrows. In this case, his chances of falling are increased. which may injure him. At this time you have to take special care of the height of his seat. The seat should be as high as the child’s feet can easily touch the ground on the bicycle. So that if needed, he can stop the cycle by putting his feet on the ground.

In these ways, you can easily teach your child to ride a bicycle. Also, when you are teaching your child to cycle, you should be around to support him. Always ask the child to ride the bicycle by looking ahead because while cycling children look down and thus they can fall.  

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