5 Things Not To Say To Your Kids As It Has Bad Effect On Their Mental Health

Parents have to work hard for the better upbringing of their children. Sometimes your small mistake can have a bad effect on their mind and body.  Here are 5 Things Not To Say To Your Kids As It Has Bad Effect On Their Mental Health

5 Things Not To Say To Your Kids As It Has Bad Effect On Their Mental Health

5 Things Not To Say To Your Kids As It Has Bad Effect On Their Mental Health

1. Girls or boys don’t do this

A child is just a child, don’t make the mistake of dividing them into genders. Often we tend to tie certain jobs and things to gender. These gender rules made by us can affect their mind.

For example, when your son does housework, you stop him by saying that boys don’t do it. It is wrong to teach such rules to children. By doing this, his behavior towards girls can be wrong from the beginning. So from the very beginning let them do what they want to do. The same thing applies to the daughter as well. Along with this, there are many such words, which you say unknowingly to the son and daughter. For example, boys do not cry, what will girls do after studying, you have to roll bread, girls cry a lot, etc. Such words can  spoil the confidence level .

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2. I will not talk

Never block a conversation between children and yourself. Always give children the right to ask themselves their own thoughts and questions. By doing this, they will express their views openly with you. If you stop talking to them out of anger, their thoughts will remain in your mind, which can further create rifts in the relationship between you and your children. 

By doing this some children do not express their words in front of their parents. In such a situation, very wrong and bad things go home in their mind.

3. Feeling embarrassed because of you

Many times you unknowingly say such things to your children. But you do not know how your child takes this line from you. Such sayings affect the mind and brain of your child a lot. He doesn’t consider himself to be of any use. Sometimes such words spoil the confidence level of the child very much. Therefore, do not say such words to children even by mistake.  

4. Comparisons with other children or with yourself

Often parents start comparing their children with their own or other’s children. For example “You are 15 years old, I used to do all the housework when I was 15 years old” or Sharma ji’s boy has brought more number than you etc. You tell many such things to your children. These things may seem normal to you, but such things go home in the minds of children. These things can have a bad effect on their confidence. So never compare with children. 

5. Taunting frequently

Don’t taunt kids for anything. If their numbers are low, then explain to them or you try to make them concentrate on studies. Due to repeated taunts about anything, children become irritable and stubborn. Some children are so deeply affected by this kind of behavior that they start doing their own thing. So never make the mistake of taunting children. 

For the better upbringing of children, parents need to pay attention to every little detail. One word you say can have a bad effect on their behavior and confidence. Therefore, before saying anything to the children, think about whether it is right for them to say it. 

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