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5 common habits, signs of a toxic person

Do you feel like you actually devote more time and energy to maintaining friendships than you earn? Do you feel that you are constantly being manipulated and the friendship is out of balance? The reality is that you are indeed dealing with “toxic people”. Below are 5 common habits, signs of a toxic person


5 common habits, signs of a toxic person

  1. Attention seeker

Toxic people usually seek attention. You will find a way to be the center of attention in any way.
It could be your birthday party or a special occasion, but somehow toxic people become the focus.

Toxic people often pretend to be helpless and deceive people in their network and appear innocent.

  1. Manipulators and liars

On a regular basis, toxic people will deliberately manipulate your feelings to force you to respond in a certain way to increase your ambition.
They will often be pushy liars, not only to others but even to themselves! They often go to great lengths to convince even themselves that their own lies are true.

  1. Gossip

Toxic people are often judgmental and gossip negatively about the people behind their backs. They often reveal their deepest secrets to anyone who will listen.
They are more than happy to go public with their dirty laundry and be dramatically controversial in front of an audience.

  1. Fake candidate

Toxic people are often bullied. They will offer false kindness and give false praise. They often give subtle insults disguised as compliments.
You will not accept mistakes and will focus on the problem, not the solution. When set up, they often provide vague, misleading, and non-binding answers to questions.

  1. Narcissist

Have you ever known someone who seemed to be deceived by their own dignity? Toxic people also tend to be narcissists, self-interested, and emotional manipulators.
They are regularly bullied and manipulate you into believing that their point of view is the only correct one.
I hope you found this guide useful. Once you identify the toxic people in your life, you can look for ways to minimize their negative impact on your life.

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