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3 Home Remedies to cure dark circles

Do dark circles under the eyes embarrass you too? These can be due to many reasons and can also be reduced with home remedies. So here are 3 Home Remedies to cure dark circles

It is very common to have dark circles under the eyes. Due to less sleep, due to not getting proper sleep, negligence in eating and drinking and there are many other reasons due to which dark circles occur. Think you are going to a party somewhere and in such a situation how much these dark circles spoil your look.

Makeup is a good option to hide dark patches or these dark circles on the face, but how long will you resort to them? With the help of some home remedies, these can be reduced to a great extent, but what can be the solution to cure them completely?

Let me tell you that if you think that these dark circles under the eyes are just due to not sleeping again and again, then you are wrong. 

3 Home Remedies to cure dark circles

Hydrate the skin

hydrate your skin

To increase the health and glow of the skin, you must keep it hydrated. The skin under the eyes also needs to be well hydrated and moisturised in order to stay healthy and dark circle free. You should choose products for under eye dark circles that have skin lightening ingredients. Such ingredients will help reduce any damage and pigmentation on that area. 

Many other experts insist that eye creams should contain ceramides to moisturize the skin and then build-up, and lactic acid or malic acid to lighten pigmentation.

Stay away from allergens

Few people know this, but allergies can also be a reason for under eye dark circles. Due to these allergies, you start rubbing your eyes again and again and due to this the under eye skin becomes even more irritated, damaged and darkened. 

Allergic reactions and dryness of the eyes can trigger dark circles. When you have an allergic reaction , your body releases histamine to fight it. It causes a range of symptoms including itching, redness and swollen eyes. 

dark circles under eye cream

Take help of fillers

When the cause is structural, that means you have a hollow under your eye that doesn’t reflect light well and that’s when dark circles appear. In this case, fillers can be a good and instant way to get rid of dark circles.

Eye fillers are used to lighten the area under the eyes. They help to plump and brighten that area. These can be of many types. You can take their help in problems like ageing, visible blood vessels, dehydration, but for this you must consult your doctor.

Other ways to reduce dark circles

ways to treat dark circles

Apart from these remedies, there are many such remedies which can help in reducing your dark circles. In such a situation, you will not even need to conceal them again and again.

Take the help of cold compress: Cold compress can give you good results very quickly. This can reduce the swelling under the eyes. It reduces puffiness by constricting the blood vessels.

Drink enough water: Along with a good under eye cream , it is important that you also drink enough water. This will help in keeping the skin hydrated from inside, which has an effect on the outer skin as well.

Use tea bags: Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that can help stimulate circulation, shrink blood vessels, and reduce fluid buildup under your skin.

Are you also embarrassed by d6ark circles? Now you too try these home remedies once. Along with this, try to understand the real reason by contacting your doctor and then take some treatment

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