20 Ways to Improve Your Life Using the Power of Color

20 Ways to Improve Your Life Using the Power of Color

20 Ways to Improve Your Life Using the Power of Color

Have you ever questioned your decision to wear black one day and purple the next?

Why, for instance, do you feel joyful in one friend’s living room but sleepy in another?

Or the reason you’d never buy a plain green car?

It seems that the more we comprehend about colour and how it influences our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, the more we will be able to use it to better our lives.

The Fundamentals of Color Therapy

Although there are differences, the majority of us have similar reactions to certain colours. We must, of course, keep in mind that there are colours within colours; a bright red, for instance, may affect our emotions very differently than a warm, more subdued red.

Our past experiences can also lead to colour associations that are out of the ordinary. If you loved spending time with your family in your blue-and-yellow kitchen as a child, you might feel similarly happy if you recreate that colour scheme in your adult life.

However, current research indicates that we associate the following colours with the following emotions:

  • Red represents aggression, energy, movement, confidence, stimulation, and intensity.
  • Yellow represents happiness, vitality, improved mood, optimism, and laughter.
  • White represents sterility, cleanliness, purity, innocence, and light.
  • Pink represents peace, reduced appetite, sweetness, love, and romance.
  • Green represents renewal, openness, peace, prosperity, and tranquillity.
  • Black represents strength, toughness, power, rage, authority, and intelligence.
  • Blue represents openness, space, contemplation, focus, and serenity.
  • Orange represents energy, ambition, activity, socialisation, and liberation.
  • Brown: dependability, stability, goodness, organic, natural
  • Purple represents intuition, creativity, luxury, spirituality, wisdom, and mystery.

Color Therapy in 20 Ways to Improve Your Life

Here are 20 ways to use colour to influence your habits, the impression you make, and the way your spaces feel.

1—When Working Out

Choose a red outfit and take your route downtown where you are more likely to see red road signs, red cars, and red stoplights to improve your performance.

2—When You Have to Recall Something

Try to incorporate yellow into the mix. According to some studies, it may help with memorization.

3—When You Have to Get Things Done

White walls should be avoided. According to studies, employees who work in white-walled offices have more side effects such as headaches and nausea than those who work in red or blue-walled offices.

4—When You Need Some Time to Relax

Get some green in there. It is commonly associated with relaxation and comfort due to its connection to nature and the environment.

5—When You Want to Avoid Eating Too Much

Avoid yellow in your dining room if you’re watching your weight. According to a 2007 study, people in a yellow room ate twice as much as those in a red or blue room.

6—When You Want to Feel Self-Assured

Try combining red and black. Both are associated with self-assurance. If you’re going to speak in front of a large group of people, wearing black can make you appear more authoritative and possibly sophisticated.

7—Then You Need to Be Creative

Go with blue. According to a 2009 study, people who were exposed to blue were better able to explore their creative sides. Use blue in your art, crafting, or writing space, or wear blue jewellery on the go for a creative boost.

8—If You Want to Be Excited and Happy

Incorporate orange and yellow into your wardrobe. Not only will you feel happier, but you will also project that image onto others, potentially helping to lift their spirits.

9—When Calm Is Required

Are you about to enter a stressful situation? Consider combining pastel green and blue colours. These are useful in rooms in the home where you want to relax after a stressful day at work, or in areas where you must confront a stressful situation. Green is especially effective at promoting calm in health-related settings such as hospitals, clinics, and counselling offices.

10— When You Want to Be Romantic

Pink can be used to decorate your table, your wardrobe, your jewellery, or your bedroom. Pink is a romantic colour that is also calming and soothing.

11—When You Need to Concentrate

If you work from home or have your own office, you should incorporate blue into the design. It not only calms and stimulates creativity, but it can also help you focus by reducing distractions so you can get your work done.

12—To Keep Your Spirits High

If your life has been difficult recently, it may be time to incorporate more yellow into your living and working environments. Yellow is associated with happiness and good fortune. To make you feel better, choose bright and cheerful yellow pictures, moulding, drapes, or other decorations.

13— When You’re Throwing a Party

Make sure you have plenty of orange on hand! This is a vibrant, flamboyant colour that promotes interaction and helps to stimulate energy between people.

14—When you’re tired and don’t want to do anything.

Put on some red! This colour generates energy and helps to infuse vitality into your spirit. You can rely on it to get you through a difficult day.

15—If You Have Difficulties Expressing Yourself

Go somewhere where you will be exposed to orange. This colour aids in the release of repressions and encourages free expression. If you’re in a relationship and it’s time to open up, use orange to assist you.

16—If You’re Enrolling in a Course

Wear yellow to help stimulate your interest and curiosity. Yellow connects you to your learning self and motivates you to broaden your horizons.

17—If You’re a Little Off-Center

Get out into nature and be surrounded by green things. Green connects us to our spiritual centre and draws our attention to the heart, relieving stress and allowing all of our minor concerns to fade away with the breeze.


18 — When You Need to Listen to Your Intuition

It’s time to bring purple into your life. Purple helps us connect with our intuition and is also associated with dream activity and psychic abilities. If your logical mind is in charge and things aren’t going so well, expose yourself to more purple to get closer to your gut feelings.

19— When You’re Redecorating Your Home

Consider the effect of each colour and how you want each room to feel. Yellow is frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms to convey happiness and joy. Blue and green dining rooms are more relaxing and may reduce the desire to overeat. Pink in the bedroom can be romantic, but it should be combined with blue or green to promote restful sleep. Performance-enhancing red and possibly energising orange would benefit your workout or exercise room. Purple can make your guest room feel luxurious and is also great for creative rooms.

20—If You Want to Appear Intelligent

Going on an interview or attempting to impress someone with your intellect? Choose blue. It’s a soothing colour that also helps with concentration and is perceived as intelligent.

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