10 Aura Colors and What They Really Mean About You

10 Aura Colors and What They Really Mean About You

10 Aura Colors and What They Really Mean About You
10 Aura Colors and What They Really Mean About You

Auras are the invisible field of energy that surrounds a person’s physical body. Our mood and mental state (and occasionally the states of others) have an impact on them, and different colours are associated with particular attributes and feelings. A person’s aura is usually a mixture of hues, with one colour dominating over the others.

You can have your aura photographed during an aura reading, take a quick aura quiz, or even try to spot it on your own by staring quietly at a location on your body or rubbing your hands together and slowly pulling them apart to see if colours appear.

10 Aura Colors and What They Really Mean About You


If you have red in your aura, you are most likely a fiery and energetic individual. A person with a red aura is “fast to put thoughts into action” and “doesn’t read instruction manuals.”

Each of the seven chakras has a colour connected with it, thus knowing the colours of the chakras might help you decipher auras. Red, for example, is associated with the root chakra, and if you see a lot of it, it implies your root chakra is steady and unimpeded.


The sacral chakra, which deals with creativity and sexual energy, has an orange hue. The presence of orange in the aura could signify a flow of creative energy.

If orange appears in your aura, it may indicate that you “tend to acquire lessons through experience rather than theory” and that you “often have to learn things the hard way.”


Yellow auras, as you could expect from such a cheerful colour, indicate someone who is sunny and charismatic. They may also have a magnetic personality that draws individuals from all walks of life.

The solar plexus chakra, which deals with your identity and confidence, is yellow. The presence of yellow in your aura, then, indicates that you are feeling confident and empowered.


Green is a colour connected with the heart chakra, hence it is related with things of the heart, such as love for oneself and others, compassion, and forgiveness.

If you have a green aura, you probably enjoy “music, nature, and not being tethered.” Because a green aura signifies an open heart, it may be easy to be influenced by one’s surroundings or other people, making boundaries crucial for this aura colour.


If you have pink in your aura (the other colour connected with the heart chakra, along with green), you most likely live from the heart. You’re “caring, loving, and kind.”

Pink, like green, indicates that your heart chakra is open and responsive. Recognize and appreciate your sensitive and caring nature, but keep in mind the necessity for boundaries.


Blue in someone’s aura indicates a powerful mind—but one that may be a little cloudy. People who have a lot of blue in their aura “operate more in the mental realms” and must remember to ground themselves. They can, however, be incredibly insightful.

Blue is the colour associated with the throat chakra, which governs expression and honesty. If your throat chakra is clear and flowing, the blue in your aura represents the outward expression of your inner insights.


Purple auras attract a lot of attention since they are connected with strong intuition and sensitivity, as well as profound mental profundity.

Purple is the colour associated with the third-eye chakra, which governs intuition. Purple in your aura indicates that you may have psychic, empathic, or intuitive talents.


Concentrations of white in one’s aura are less common. If you do, a white aura indicates a highly rapid mind—as well as a predisposition for perfectionism and tense energy.

The colour white is associated with the crown chakra, which connects us to universal energy and oneness. If you see it in your aura, it means you have a strong connection to something bigger than yourself.


Finally, if you have black or extremely dark sections of your aura, this isn’t the “colour” of your aura in and of itself, but rather a message that a part of you is exhausted or fatigued.

In this scenario, take some time to ground, repair, and balance your energy levels to brighten up that aura and restore harmony to your energetic field (and chakras).


If you have a rainbow aura with more than two colours, it’s an indication that you’re in the midst of a hectic moment or a major transition.

When your aura emits rainbow energies, you may feel particularly motivated and confident, so take advantage of it by getting out there and meeting new people and doing new activities. On the other hand, this bustling energy can lead to burnout and overwhelm, so make time for relaxation as well.

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